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Pop in your buds and listen to the author-curated playlists that inspired the story!

ShadowShifters #1

About this playlist

Penumbra centers around Aidan's family after his father's death and his struggle to be who he's meant to be. Kieran, his brother is also finding his way, with much more anger and rage. There's a lot of rebellion and angst in this story and many scenes require some of the hard rock of Muse and Nine Inch Nails, but also some dark vibes from Zola Jesus and A Perfect Circle.

ShadowShifters #2

About this playlist:

This is a wild list just like this book! It's got everything in there, ass-kicking, flirting, humor, and sexy times. Aidan is our hot, tortured Alpha on the hunt when he meets Maddie. Some of my absolute favorites are in this list, TV On The Radio, Shiny Toy Guns, Stabbing Westward, and Kendra Morris. You don't have to go for a night run with this playlist, but it may feel like you should!

Agents of The Bureau #1

About this playlist:

This was my favorite playlist when writing "Tall, Dark, & Deadly." List has a couple of Austin homegrown artists like Ghostland Observatory, some sexy blues from Van Hunt and a badass cover from Prince. Throw in some classic Zydeco jams by Buckwheat Zydeco and I'm sure you'll get a feel of the emotion and world where Chloe and Ethan hunt in the shadows.

Fallen Series #1

About this playlist:

There are a number of anthems in this playlist which inspired not only Zoë's character, but her forbidden vampire frenemy, Tristan. Gun blazing, sword-wielding action set against the Deftones, La Roux, and Massive Attack. Don't forget the sweet revenge and retribution along with unapologetic sexual charm, played along with Bishop Briggs, and Nina Simone. 

Also, can't feel that true NOLA sound without some Big Freedia and some Texas champs like Megan Thee Stallion & Beyoncé!


Pandora Ops #1

About this playlist:

Set in the early 1960's Las Vegas, I had way too much fun curating this list for "Thief of Hearts." I mixed some classics with some neo-soul and blues to round out the feel. I purposely selected the artists who debut the song (not those who made the song popular) For example, "Tainted Love" and "Fever" were performed originally by Black artists and wanted to keep that true. Ari's racially integrated casino has that gorgeous blend of Vegas staples from Sammy Davis, Jr., Dean Martin, Ella Fitzgerald and also more contemporary jams from Black Pumas, and Raphael Saddiq. Hop into Gemma's 1962 Continental convertible and cruise to this playlist.


Pandora Ops #2

Smokin', smokin', smokin' -- That is what I wrote down when plotting this book. Every scene with Ari and Gemma had to damn near burn off the page! I have a fondness for dark, sexy music and the tension it generates for a scene. Gemma is a NFG (no f--ks given) succubus finding herself back in Vegas and at odds with the powerful and maladjusted Archdemon (and ex), Ari(el) Black. Expect knives, swords and panties flying with this playlist companion.



Agents of the Bureau #2

About this playlist:

With this wild Enemies-to-Lovers Paranormal Romance that takes us all over the shadow world, creepy creatures, high sexual tension, and oodles of angst, you're going to hear a little bit of everything. A little chaos. A little sex. All killer, no filler, folks!

There's music for Maddox's grumpy angst from Public Enemy, Pu**y Riot, and Metallica's "For Whom The Bell Tolls", to Leto's more introspective sounds from Gnarls Barkley, Portishead, and her anthem, "Nothing Personal" from Night Riots.


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