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October 11, 2022

TROPE(S): Enemies to Lovers, Forbidden love, Urban fantasy romance, Hot & Heavy, Interracial couple, HFN


It’s 1961 in the city of sin, and everyone’s feeling lucky. Succubus Gemma Aldenfrey is banking on this luck to help her track down a priceless, otherworldly artifact hidden in Vegas’ most profitable and controversial casinos, The Rouge Palace. Pledging her service to a demon-hunting organization known as Pandora Ops, Gemma must stop at nothing to prove her worthiness to the sanctimonious group that fears her. 

When Gemma meets her match in the form of a devilishly handsome, mysterious casino owner, temptation brews. He knows her every desire and understands her torment like no one else. Does he really offer freedom or will Gemma become just another unlucky soul in Vegas? It’s Winner, winner, saint & sinner in a hot new novella by Paranormal Romance author, Kharma Kelley!


Violence, Torture

Graphic Consensual Sex

Dubcon scene

Swearing, Foul language


Thief of Hearts_newBrand.jpg


First off, no one calls me my divine name and keeps their windpipe.

Well, there's only one being who can and you're not her. I'm the owner of the former Rouge Palace here in Las Vegas.

In 1961, I opened the first racially integrated casino in Vegas. Made a lot of money. Broke a lot of hearts. Let's just say my ambition goes deeper than money and women.

My destiny is power.

As a Mammonite demon of the highest ranking, I thrive on the greed and lust of man.

Speaking of lust, my world used to be a lot simpler until I met the succubus of my innermost desire. Gemma fascinates me.

A do-gooder lust demon? Seriously? I just can't make this shit up.

She's trouble--a fighter. Crafty. Pity for me... that's just what I like.

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