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Released: August 23, 2018
Reading Order: 1

TROPE(S): Dysfunctional family, Shifter, Werewolf, Bikers, Sibling rivalry, not-a-romance, Urban Fantasy


With the recent death of the pack's Alpha, Aidan's clan is preparing for the Selenium Circle---the ritual for which any able-bodied Aristan ShadowShifter may fight in the circle and the right to be the next leader.

Aidan Bloodlocke, a foster to the deceased Alpha, always struggled to belong, especially when his foster brother, Kieran, sees him as a rival and a dangerous foreigner. 

Kieran is eager to participate, believing it is his birthright to lead in the legacy of his father. However, when Aidan decides to step up for the right to lead, tension swells and loyalty is put to the test in this ShadowShifter prequel to "Selenium Night!"

CONTENT WARNING(S): Violence, ableist language

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