They're bold. They're tough. They're undeniably sexy. Meet the agents and partners of The Bureau, a governance organization designed to keep all the various supernatural creatures walking the line and keeping humanity safe. The Bureau consists of "supes" from all walks of life, fighting the good fight. Their loving is just as skillful as their ass-kicking. Open a book and prepared to be enthralled!






Discover the fantasy world of the ShadowShifters, strong, sexy superhumans with the power to shape shift into the cunning wolf.  Whether you like your heroes dark and brooding or sensual and intelligent, prepare to read some sizzling pages of these badass creatures of the night!


There wasn’t anything that Aristan ShadowShifter Aidan Bloodlocke received in his checkered life that he didn’t have to pay for with blood and bone. And when one of his own leaves his people’s home in ruins and murders another, he’s on the hunt for retribution.
He expected to run into his people’s rivals, Thesian ShadowShifters, and he expected to outsmart human authorities in his pursuit. But what he didn’t expect was falling for Maddie Ardelle—a gorgeous, but a very human veterinarian who finds herself caught in Aidan’s mission. When Maddie moved to Bridgepoint to start a normal, peaceful life on her own, she didn't expect to get entangled with a sexy biker shifter that made her weak in the knees. 


With the recent death of the pack's Alpha, Aidan's clan is preparing for the Selenium Circle---the ritual for which any able-bodied Aristan ShadowShifter may fight in the circle and the right to be the next leader.

Aidan Bloodlocke, a foster to the deceased Alpha, always struggled to belong, especially when his foster brother, Kieran, sees him as a rival and a dangerous foreigner. 

Kieran is eager to participate, believing it is his birthright to lead in the legacy of his father. However, when Aidan decides to step up for the right to lead, tension swells and loyalty is put to the test in this ShadowShifter prequel to "Selenium Night!"



You know, sometimes, a woman just needs to flirt with a little fire, and discover her inner goddess, temptress and/or dominatrix. Keep some ice water nearby.


Branching out from her vivid paranormal romance niche, Kharma Kelley delivers some steamy new adult tales that will is sure to short-circuit your e-reader!

In the sanctity of a lady's boudoir, anything can happen...some naughty, some nice and some just outright kinky. 


In this second installment, Kharma Kelley brings you several hot tales of women going after their desires and discovering a new level of sexuality. You'll find no apologies here. Just women of all backgrounds getting dirty & flirty. Enjoy.


Coming soon, the third installment will be sure to keep it hot! Scheduled for July!



These standalone books are filled with action-packed sexiness with characters that stay with you long after you close the book.



Jet is a wolf-shifter on the run. Sworn to her pack’s tyrannical new leader, she refuses to be a mate to such a cruel, heartless man. Getting the hell outta dodge, she aims towards her mother’s old hometown, Savage, NM. 

Keeping low, without a pack, she quietly pulls together a life. Getting a job at a warehouse as a forklift driver. Finds an apartment and goes for a run into the night in her wolf’s skin.

Catching the eye of her boss, wealthy business owner, Liam Kenner, he’s intrigued by her. She’s beautiful, smart and the mystery surrounding her keeps him wondering who she really is.

Jet isn’t interested in taking a mate. Definitely not a human who can use hundred dollar bills like tissues. But Liam is unlike any man she’s ever known. He’s patient, kind and makes her feel like the only woman in existence.

But the happiness can’t last. He’s not a Lycan and totally unprepared for Brock, the tyannical pack leader obsessed with tracking her and bringing her back. 

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