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AI Policy & Pledge

What we call "AI" is a broad spectrum that it has found its well in many of our lives. Algorithms and machine learning are so deeply embedded into how we search on the internet to how our insurance is calculated. It's also not lost on me that AI-generated content is a distinctive area of controversy in the AI discussion as it has threatened creatives not only by taking revenue but taking intellectual property without consent to train and create derivative content of original work. Every creative who has ever had their work stolen or misused can and must empathize with this situation.


AI tools are springing up every day, from image generators to grammar/typo checkers, and to most laymen, all of these fall under "AI." As a creative, even though the world is trying to catch up, must draw our own lines in the sand regarding how and when we'll use and disclose AI platforms into our work. What's important is transparency and clear definitions, which I'm attempting to do below in my own AI policy.


This is not perfect by any means, but it's a start. And by adhering to this AI policy, I hope to strike a balance between harnessing the capabilities of AI to enhance my creative process while preserving both the uniqueness of my writing style and the integrity of my storytelling.


Defining Responsible AI Usage: As a fiction author and blog writer, I will always prioritize the responsible use of AI in my work. This means using AI-generated content in a manner that respects ethical considerations, adheres to legal guidelines, and maintains the integrity of human creativity.


The typical tools I use that contribute to AI usage include (but not limited to) Grammarly Grammar Checker, ProWritingAid, Canva Magic Write™, Canva Magic Design™, and ChatGPT 3.5. These tools are used sparingly and only for the purpose of research, editing, draft zeroes, graphic design, and brainstorming.


No AI-image generators (Canva's Free AI Image generator, Midjourney, DALL-e, etc.) are used in my work as a personal boundary.

Transparency and Disclosure: When incorporating AI-generated content into my writing, I will clearly disclose its use to my audience either in writing or visual notice (like graphics below). Transparency is essential to maintain the trust and authenticity of my work, ensuring readers are aware of any AI involvement.

Creative Collaboration, not Replacement: I see AI as a tool for creative collaboration, not as a replacement for human imagination and originality. While AI can assist in generating ideas and content, I will remain committed to crafting unique and imaginative narratives that reflect my own voice and creativity. I do not (nor will not) use AI to contribute to more than 10% of any written project.

AI Bias Awareness and Mitigation: I will actively work to be aware of and mitigate potential biases present in AI-generated content. I understand that all AI models can sometimes perpetuate existing societal biases such as racism, colorism, sexism, and other toxic social ideologies and it is my responsibility to review, edit, and reshape AI-generated content to ensure fairness and inclusivity. Resources and updates I use are from various areas including my fave, the Algorithmic Justice League lead by Dr. Joy Buolamwini (from Coded Bias)


Intellectual Property and Copyright: I will respect the intellectual property and copyright laws pertaining to AI-generated content. If I use AI tools or platforms that generate content owned by others, I will adhere to the licensing terms and properly attribute the content to its creators. Read the latest AI Policy Guidence from here.

Avoiding Plagiarism: I will take measures to avoid plagiarism when using AI-generated content. Even though AI can assist in generating ideas and text, I will make sure that my work remains original and does not infringe upon the creative works of others by using tools such as and

Continuous Learning and Improvement: I will stay informed about the latest advancements in AI technology and its implications for writing and creative work. By continuously learning, I can adapt my approach to AI usage and remain at the forefront of responsible and innovative writing practices.

User Experience and Engagement: Prioritize the interests and experiences of my readers. While AI may be used to enhance user engagement, I will ensure that the content remains compelling, relevant, and enjoyable for my audience.


Protecting Privacy: I will be mindful of data privacy concerns related to AI usage. If any personal information is collected during the AI content generation process, I will handle it in accordance with relevant data protection laws (ex: GDPR) and inform my readers of the data collection practices.


Testing and Reviewing AI Content: Before publishing AI-generated content, I will thoroughly review and test it to ensure it aligns with my artistic vision and meets quality standards. This review process will help guarantee that AI-generated elements contribute positively to the overall narrative.

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