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Released: November 18, 2017
Reading Order: 2

TROPE(S): Forbidden Love, Slow Burn, Action Romance, Cinnamon Roll hero, Bikers, Werewolf, Shifter Love


There wasn’t anything that Aristan ShadowShifter Aidan Bloodlocke received in his checkered life that he didn’t have to pay for with blood and bone. And when one of his own leaves his people’s home in ruins and murders another, he’s on the hunt for retribution.
He expected to run into his people’s rivals, Thesian ShadowShifters, and he expected to outsmart human authorities in his pursuit. But what he didn’t expect was falling for Maddie Ardelle—a gorgeous, but very human veterinarian who finds herself caught in Aidan’s mission. When Maddie moved to Bridgepoint to start a normal, peaceful life on her own, she didn't expect to get entangled with a sexy biker shifter that made her weak in the knees. 

CONTENT WARNING(S): Graphic consensual sex, Violence (Murder, torture), Parental death


Enthralling and Addictive!

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"This paranormal shifter romance is a thrilling story of family loyalty, betrayal and deadly retribution…a battle has been waging between two separate factions in the shifter world for millennia and a showdown is coming …..this is a fabulously detailed and carefully constructed imagined world, with it’s own language, history, fable and law…"

Sheena, Amazon Reviewer

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