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Inclusion is More Important than Ever with the COVID-19 Crisis

Having an inclusive mindset is more important than ever in these times of crisis. Recognizing and creating equity for those who are marginalized, vulnerable or displaced is more important than ever. Changing your lens to look outside of your world, your norm is more important than ever right now. Global crisis has a way to tear the thinly veiled mask off to expose the systemic oppression and disparities that exist with class and race and leaves it raw for all to see. We have to choose to acknowledge it and seek information and change.

People are dying, suddenly unemployed, suffering from lack of healthcare and our world has changed. But, it hasn’t changed for the better and many of us crave normalcy again. However, it’s important to understand that these systems that have been in place was also considered “normal” and has contributed to so many citizens struggling to survive and thrive.

When we’re told that it’s projected that the US will suffer a loss of over 100,000 lives due to COVID-19, are we asking WHO among us will be part of that number? We probably won’t, because we probably already suspect who given the disparities that already exist in our society. It will be the poor. It will be the old. It will be the vulnerable. It will be the disabled that are often forgotten. It will be the black & brown people that are often ignored in the healthcare system. True, the virus is indiscriminate, but the systems and infrastructure we have in place to try to fight it, is not. Be vigilant. Speak up and speak out for those at risk for being left behind.

As one of my favorite Walking Dead characters have said, “We can do this together, but only if we’re together.”

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