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I wrote a poem at the height of 2020 and kept it in my notes. Now that I've had a chance to unpack it and realize it's still the same in 2022, here it is.


Pack them up

Lock them up

Rip them apart

Ignore the tears

Belittle their pain

Reject their humanity

And neglect our own

We’re forgotten our history

An immigrant legacy is one of our own

A mob of hate

From U.S. soil grown

Isolation. Devastation

Willful ignorance, privilege abounds

Don’t mess with mine

But I’ll fuck with yours

A slave to parties

A master of none

Cowardly leaders

Devoid of action while

Black and Brown

Beaten down

And White Supremists

Given Crowns

A laughing stock

Freedom rings

False and deluded

The Trumpets sing

Where is the hope

Is it even real?

We’re all soul sick

What’s the fuckin’ deal?

Stop killing us

Stop caging us

Stop dividing us

Stop inciting us

Heading for breakdown

Heading for crash

Someone take the wheel

Get us on track

Stop looking to saviors

Neo’s not here

It’s up to us now, it’s all on us

Replant hope and love

where there is hate and fear.

Oh, the humanity of it all.

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