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Flash Fiction - Claiming the Valkyrie

“Argh! What the hell do you mean I'm dead?"  Brant flung the old tablet across the room with nearly superhuman force.   Teagan jumped as it slammed against the stone wall, hitting against the old, tattered tapestry that hung the main study area.  The slam knocked the ancient dust that slept against the tired cloth which was woven into a chiseled, handsome face that looked a lot like Brant's. Same squared jaw and long brown hair...and without all the anger and frustration, of course. His ancestors’ gene pool was total eye candy to say the least.

"I'm sorry, Brant. I wasn't even supposed to bring you here.  I just felt..."  she clamped her mouth shut before she confessed more to him than she was supposed to.  Despite her agonizing battle to not get involved with the handsome soldier, she was not ready to tell him the truth.  She barely was dealing with just being a Valkyrie.  It's not everyday, some wacky Nordic god decides to snatch you from the arms of death and give you the job of bringing the heartbroken, brave soldiers of the world to peace. Why did the gods think she was able to do such a job was beyond her. This was her first assignment and instead of forcing him to the halls like she was supposed to, here she was finding excuses to stay with him.

Brant exhaled a harsh breath, advancing his large body toward her and locked eyes with the dark-eyed Valkyrie. As she fumbled with her hands, he firmly lifted up her chin to him.  

"What else are you not telling me, Teagan?" His green eyes were dark and searching.  Everyone he knew in his platoon was gone. No one was there to mourn him and common sense would tell him to let go. But letting go would mean to quit. He stared into her eyes and felt his pulse escalate. Teagan’s skin was silken, almost immaculate to the touch. Being on tour for so long, he missed the soft caress of a woman’s skin. That sweet scent on her body that compared her to a flower. Sensual. Pure. The way a woman’s skin puckered when you touched or stroked them just right.

His brows dipped as Teagan looked up at him, and for a moment, he wondered what the rest of her felt like. Leaning closer to her, Teagan swallowed as he stared longingly at her mouth. Her heart threatened to beat out of her chest, as she felt the gentle fan of his breath on her skin. Valkries were supposed to resist all carnal desires. To remain chaste and unbiased as they claimed the soldiers from the battlefield. But Teagan didn’t move. Didn’t say a word. Everything else that counted against her lately had been terrible. Now,maybe this mission will have a silver lining after all. Brant’s lips lingered over hers, their breaths mingling as she awaited a kiss that would damn them both. Instead, he backed away with a sigh, releasing her face. His eyes were dark with disappointment as he found some distance between them.

“You...You are the embodiment of everything I will never have again.” Brant turned away and walked towards the tapestry, staring at a ghost of his face. “It hurts to even look at you.”

Teagan took at step forward, a pang in her heart prevented her from moving further. “Brant, Listen I…”

“Please take me away from here.” His solemn voice echoed against the wall.

Teagan felt that pain in his words and the defeat in his deep voice and it was heartbreaking.  Will she have to deal with every soldier being this way?  Brant was so lost, missing everything.  I don’t understand. I’m supposed to bring them peace, but he’s far from being peaceful. With a sigh, she centered herself, reigning in those feelings and forced herself to remember that he was a job and she had a job to do.

Teagan outstretched her hand to him, her voice bordering somewhere between empathy and ice. “I have to bring you to the halls of Valhalla. That is where your journey ends, soldier.”

Brant turned and nodded. “Fine. Take me there. I won’t resist anymore.” Walking towards her open hand, he braced himself for the unknown. Finally, he closed his hand over hers. He saw a soft smile grow on her face and he couldn’t resist.

Teagan felt herself pulled close into his arms, the sudden gesture alarming her. “Brant, what--” She sighed as he brazenly claimed her lips. A gentle, but greedy possession as he expertly forced her mouth open to caress her with his tongue. Divine wasn’t the word for it. There had to be something stronger than that word. That feeling that he gave her that tingled all the way to her toes. Made her knees buckle and nipples tighten.  And when he finally pulled away, sucking her bottom lip, she gasped at the taste of him.

Brant never felt anything like it. He’d kissed many women, but he didn’t know if she would be his last or if there was something electric to her lips, but she made him want more from her. Much more. He stared at her, taking a step back, wondering if she was going to slap him or worse for making such a bold claim to her. “I’m sorry, Teagan.” He sighed. “Actually, I’m not sorry. I wanted one last kiss. To know what that felt like before you take me to a place where I may never know that again.” But there was more to that. Deep down, he wanted to ever since he’d seen her. Wanted to know if her lips were as soft and sweet as they’d looked. And they were. His body on fire, he watched ready for a consequence.

Teagan licked her lips quietly, still tasting him there and her eyes darkened. She wanted more. Much more. This soldier didn’t know what he’d done. He had sullied one of Odin’s maidens, with just a taste. No sense in doing it half-assed. Neither of them should go on unsated. She closed the space between them, looking into his bright, dilated eyes. 

I’m so gonna get fired for this.

She grabbed his shirt and pulled him closer.

“Do it again.”

Brant didn't think twice as did as she asked. No, it wasn't a request--her voice was demanding and who was he to turn down a valkyrie's demand? His hand ever so steady, his arm wrapped around her waist and pulled her close, crushing against him as his mouth closed over hers needfully. Teagan cupped his face, pulling him closer and sighing as his lips again worked her mouth open to taste her fully.

"You taste as addicting as you look, Teagan." Brant said as he took a moment to look into her eyes. The warm tingly feeling at the base of her stomach grew south, causing her body to react in a way where there was no turning back. She hadn't felt this way in a long time. That feeling when all you want is to be hunted; pursued by a man that only wants you. And this man takes what he wants. Reveling in that thought, Teagan kissed him deeper, letting go as she heard a moan of satisfaction from Brant.

Unable to keep his composure, Brant shifted her, pushing her back against the wall where his ancestor's tapestry hung in near shreds. A faint likeness of him that was far tamer than what he was now. He couldn't put what he wanted into words, only action.Addicted to the sweetness of her mouth, Brant didn't protest as she pulled at his shirt, trying to pull it over his head in which he swiftly assisted. Desperate to touch more of her, he pulled down the strap of her tunic, exposing her throat and shoulders for his lips to trail bliss across her delicate skin. She hissed at the sensation as she reached for his fly.  All bets were off. The way was shut. Whatever other terms she could think of to remind her there was no going back--her mind rattled them off. Then ignored them. The feel of him so close made her heart ache for something missing from her life. Whatever it was, she wanted to find it here with Brant. He felt her shiver at the sensual assault and only urged him on, as his hands moved to cup her ass, hoisting her upward flush against the wall.

Breathless, she warned him, "I'm going to ruin your tapestry, soldier."

He smiled against her skin. "Good. Let's see if we can make a better use of this wall than hanging glorified blankets." She was a beauty--never seen anything so primally gorgeous than this woman in his arms.

But she isn't yours, he thought to himself. She never will be. You're dead and she belongs to Odin. Heart, body and soul belongs to him.  Brant didn't know much about the Nordic god, but from what he knew about gods in general--they were possessive. They loved their objects of affections.  But she was more than that. Much more than a god's greed. Teagan wrapped her legs around him, embracing him as he pinned them against the wall. A soft gasp slipped from her as she felt his erection pressed against her. Heavens, all of him was hard. Hard, fluid and irresistibly sensual. She'd be the first to admit--she was playing a dangerous game. Odin didn't strike her as a god to tolerate rule breakers. If anyone found out, she'd be punished. I don't care about me. She suddenly pushed him back, releasing his lips and looking into his eyes. Her breath caught in her throat as he stared back at her. There was more than lust in them.

Yes, there was something else.

"What is it?," he asked.

But I do care what happens to him. 


Whatcha think?  Do you like stories about valkryries? Would you like to see these characters form a story?  Let me know what you think below!

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