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Agents of the Bureau: Soulseekers

Updated: Apr 4, 2020

Soulseekers are supernatural creatures that capture and consume lost souls that wander the earthly plane. They dwell on earth for periods of time and delivers souls to other dimensions, which they refer to as "jumping". Some refer to the dimensions as heaven or hell, but the Soulseekers never describe the dimensions, nor speak of them. This makes them frightening as they are the only ones who can visit these dimensions. They can move in and out of wormholes and planes of consciousness.

They would be called angels except they don't have wings and actually HATE being called that. Not all Soulseekers are pleasant, but they are as close to omnipotent as the world will allow. They can see deep inside any soul living or dead and know who you are inside and out. No secret is safe around a Soulseeker. Which is why they are often shunned when dwelling on earth. They are fine with that as they aren’t very good socializing.

Keturah is a Soulseeker featured in the book, "Tall, Dark & Deadly". She's the owner of a bar/burlesque venue called "Pale Riders" and also owns a string of apartment buildings around the New Orleans area that she uses to house runaways and people looking for shelter. She wears full sleeve tattoos, and colorful dreads. She's buxom and adores wearing punk with vintage jeans and leather.

She met Chloe a long time ago on the boat that rescued Chloe as a child, when she was abandoned at sea. Keturah, despite her hatred for vampires, she realized that the little girl was different. She decided to befriend her and take her into her care.

All Soulseekers hate vampires above all the other supes and call them ‘parasites’, but Keturah saw Chloe was different as a child and grew to love her. Throughout their lives they stay connected and Keturah are one of the few people Chloe trusts. Keturah delivers very few souls and keeps many dark ones to help others find missing people and understand evil spirits.


Soulseekers never reveal their age, but there are rumors that they could very well be the oldest breed of supes ever recorded. No one knows who, where or how they were created and many still believe that perhaps they were naughty angels that were busted down in duty.

She’s obsessed with shoe shopping, knitting and always has a cap, blanket or sweater knitted for Chloe when she comes around.

Soulseekers tend to be tall, tortured and cryptic. If they carry too many souls or too many dark ones within them for too long, they become withdrawn or cruel. The darkest souls can depress and break the spirit of the Soulseekers if left alone.

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