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A Hard Winter's Night (Audio Reading)

Winter Strongborne is a born fighter. An Artisan beta wolf who believes nothing is greater than loyalty, in the past he's found love nothing but a gateway to betrayal. He's fought that battle before and it's the only one he's ever lost. That is, until he's asked to guard a woman named Linda and her daughter, Sandra in the midst of the holidays.

Linda is a survivor: a forbidden human woman, whose warm touch could possibly melt Winter's, icy heart. Free after her abusive life with the terrifying Thesian ShadowShifter, she is finally able to live in peace. But, when signs point to her Ex coming back to Bridgepoint to boldly reclaim Linda as his, Winter once again finds himself in a chilling, familiar battle. The stakes are high, and losing is not an option. Get ready for a heated holiday read!

Listen to the first chapter here!


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