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Mason Vermilion is a professional thief. 

He steals rare and priceless artifacts to the highest bidder, which often are very old supernatural creatures who really just want their stuff back without breaking the boundaries of the human world. Yes, supernatural beings do exist and Mason knows a great bit about them.  Most of them give him the creeps, but business is business and they know Mason can get the job done.

When he’s asked to capture back a very odd item for a crime boss, he’s offered a price that can get him to retire from this life. With an offer so sweet, who can resist?

But, when it's revealed that the artifact is a woman, all bets are off and Mason is caught in a crossfire with a catatonic red-head beauty whose power of touch could be redeeming or dangerous.

Breaking a deal with a powerful mob and angering the Greek pantheon, Mason has clearly bitten off more than he can chew. There's nowhere to turn, with no honor among thieves in this fast-paced, steamy paranormal romance!


Mason and his partner-in-crime, Harland has their sticky hands full as they finally discover what it is they have to steal...or die trying.

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